At Minnetonka Collision Center, we paint used and damaged cars every single day. Our entire crew of professional know what it takes to match the paint on your car in a seamless manner and with zero flaws. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you bring your car for paint repairs or touch ups instead of doing it yourself. Here’s why:

We Have Professional Equipment

The right tools help us to do our jobs in an efficient and professional manner. The right tools help us to practice proper technique. Also, by having the proper equipment, we can ensure that the finish on the paint will be smooth and exact down to the smallest details. We use advanced computer technology to help us match the paint and apply it to your particular vehicle.

We Can Complete the Paint Job Fast

We’ve painted hundreds of damaged vehicles. Our Minnesota-certified technicians have logged thousands of hours in painting both domestic and foreign cars. This has given us the ability to not only paint your car, but paint it fast and get you back on the road. With Minnetonka, you don’t have to wait forever to get your car back. We provide fast, efficient service.

We Can Ensure the Right Color Match

Getting the color just right on your car can be tricky. This is especially true if your model is a few years old and you leave your car in the sun. At Minnetonka Collision Center, we can gauge the exact color of your vehicle and match it precisely to the shade that it is right now. When the job is complete, you will not be able to tell the difference between the current pain and the new paint once it’s applied.

We Can Fully Restore Your Vehicle

DIY jobs rarely produce the kind of results that leave you satisfied. No matter how good you are, your vehicle won’t look new again. Our team of paint specialists can fully restore your car back to looking new once again with no scratches, no dents, and no mismatches. You will love the results!

Next Time, Choose Minnetonka Collision Center

In Plymouth, Minnesota, car owners choose Minnetonka Collision Center for all their auto repair needs. We can perform a wide range of painting jobs for both personal and commercial transports. Call us today at 763-230-7805 and schedule a paint job. You’ll love the results!