Before you take your car to any center to get detailed, you need to find out what is included in the detail package. At Minnetonka Collision Center, we go the extra mile to ensure that you receive a comprehensive package that makes your car look stunning from front to back. Below we provide a checklist of all major components of your car that should be treated during a professional detail.

Interior Scrubbing

The inside of a vehicle can be as challenging to clean as the outside due to the all the hard to reach places. We have special tools that allow us to reach these place and effectively remove dirt and grime while polishing the surface area. Every interior fabric is unique and needs to be treated delicately. Leather should be conditioned and reinforced against both the UV and the extreme temperatures inside the car.

Paint Cleaning and Polish

The paint on your car is sensitive and needs to be treated in a delicate manner. Therefore, we give the paint a basic washing follow by removing all hard contaminants such metal particles, dirt, tar, and grime. The paint is then thoroughly polished to buff out the tiny scratches and finally waxed.

All Exterior Lights and Trim

We apply a polishing compound to all front lights to remove debris and any evidence of oxidation. We then apply a sealer over the lights to protect them from future oxidation. If your car has any chrome trim, then it will be both cleaned and sealed from the outside elements such as UV rays, wind, heat, and rain. The sealant keeps the finish from cracking or chipping.

Protecting the Wheels and the Chassis

The bottom around the base of the car is called the undercarriage. It is the target of a lot of hard dirt and tar. The wheels are abused even more due to their ongoing motion at high speeds. Therefore, we pay special attention to these areas including the wheel wells, anti-roll bars, control arms, and fenders. Next, we take care of the splash guards and the areas around the inner and outer fenders. All hub caps and inner wheel areas should bed given special dressing that will greatly enhance their look and shields them from corrosion and surface cracking.

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In addition to these basic detailing services we also perform detailing on other components of your vehicle in order to give it a comprehensive cleaning. If you would like to have your car or truck detailed, then contact Minnetonka Collision Center today. We offer vehicle detailing, collision repair, dent removal, paint color matching and other premier services for car owners in Plymouth, Minnesota and surrounding area. Call us at 763-230-7805. We are your most trusted automotive repair shop!