If you own a car or truck equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), you should know that if your vehicle ever needs auto body repairs, those ADAS features can increase the cost of service. Let’s take a look at why vehicles with ADAS safety features cost more to repair and what you can expect in terms of increased expenses.

What Are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)?
Almost all newer-model vehicles and electric vehicles come equipped with at least a few advanced driver assistance systems, and even older-model vehicles may also have them. Some of the more common ADAS features in today’s automobiles include:

● Adaptive cruise control
● Blind-spot monitoring
● Automatic emergency braking
● Forward collision warning system
● Parking assist
● Automatic headlight and high-beam activation and dimming

All of these safety features and many others rely on cameras and sensors mounted in a vehicle’s auto glass. Often, sensors are also located elsewhere on the vehicle. These sensors are what allow the ADAS systems to “see” what’s going on around the vehicle.

ADAS Recalibration Is Crucial for Safety System Functionality
When ADAS sensors and/or cameras move even slightly outside of their precise factory positioning, they must be recalibrated. Otherwise, they’ll no longer function properly and cannot provide the safety protection they’re designed to deliver.

Even a minor collision can easily throw off the alignment of one or more ADAS sensors, which will negatively impact system functionality. In some cases, an improperly aligned camera or sensor may cause an ADAS feature to stop working altogether. Faulty input from improperly positioned sensors can cause a number of issues on the road, including:

● Vibrations in the steering wheel
● Diagnostic error codes lighting up on the dash
● Steering pull in one direction while a vehicle is moving
● Difficulty controlling the steering wheel
● Improper automatic braking

Where Are ADAS Sensors Typically Located?
There are several types of ADAS sensors that may be located at various points throughout a vehicle’s body. These include:

● Ultrasonic sensors, which are located in the front or rear bumper covers
● Radar sensors, which may be located near side view mirrors, in bumper covers, behind the front grille, or in tail lights
● Camera sensors, which are typically located at the sides and rear of the vehicle or mounted against the interior of the windshield
● Steering angle sensors, which are usually located in the steering column

How Much Do Auto Body Repairs Cost for a Vehicle With ADAS Features?
Generally speaking, you can expect to pay more for auto body repairs on a vehicle with ADAS features than on a vehicle that doesn’t have these safety systems built in. But overall repair costs will always depend on the extent of the damage and what your insurance will cover.

In some cases, ADAS cameras and/or sensors must be replaced when the repairs are performed, so those additional parts and associated labor will increase repair costs. Even if new sensors are not necessary, repairs on ADAS vehicles typically cost more because ADAS systems must always undergo static or dynamic recalibration after repairs are finished.

According to one AAA study, the average auto body repair bill for a minor rear- or front-end collision on a vehicle with ADAS systems was nearly double that for a vehicle without these features. But again, the severity of the damage, shop labor costs, and insurance coverage will ultimately determine how much more expensive overall repair costs will be.

If you need body repairs, it’s in your best interest to price them out at a few different shops before you choose a provider. Check out Getting Auto Body Repair Estimates? Tips for Selecting the Right Shop for some helpful information.

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