Have you ever been involved in a collision? Were you taken aback by the prices detailed on the auto body repair estimates you got? You’re not alone. Many people are surprised to learn just how much even small auto body repairs can cost, but there are several very good reasons those repairs can be pricey.

Why exactly do auto body repairs cost so much? Read on to learn about the factors that influence the overall price of auto repairs.


Every brick-and-mortar auto body repair shop has overhead, and the degree to which that overhead affects consumer pricing varies from location to location. Generally, a shop pays a building lease or mortgage, as well as:

● Utility costs to keep the shop running

● Payments on major repair equipment

● Employee wages

● Property and business insurance

● Disposal costs for non-functional vehicle components

● Membership in trade associations

All of these costs eventually trickle down to some degree to the customer because every business is in the business of making a profit. To provide the best service to their customers, quality auto body repair shops must stay up to date with both equipment and training, which can also influence the overall cost of serving consumers.


Auto body repair involves precision technique, which means repair specialists must be highly trained and must also submit to ongoing training on a regular basis. Given the level of expertise and precision required to restore a vehicle to like-new condition, it’s hardly surprising that auto body repair labor costs can range from about $60 to $100+ per hour. Depending on the length of time required to restore a vehicle, those labor expenses can add up quickly.


Even if it doesn’t appear to be severely damaged, a vehicle may have suffered considerable damage that’s deeper than surface level. In those instances, auto body repairs can be quite a bit pricier than the owner anticipates because the underlying damage must be restored in addition to the surface damage.

It’s not uncommon for interior components to suffer denting that renders them unusable, in which case new parts will need to be installed. Ordering and installing new exterior paneling, trim, door handles, and other critical vehicle components can also dramatically increase the overall price of repairs.


When a vehicle needs paint matching and dupli color application, these forms of restoration can significantly increase the cost of auto body repairs. A perfect paint job requires a high level of precision and plenty of time to prep and complete the work. Sanding, filling, primer, painting, buffing, and clear coat application can add hundreds of dollars to a repair estimate simply due to the labor costs and materials required for the job.


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