When you need to choose an auto body repair shop to handle collision repairs, dent removal, or touchup paint, there are several things you must consider to make a good decision. While price, reputation, location, and your insurance company’s recommendation all play into your decision, specialty service offerings — also known as concierge services — should also be a consideration.


What concierge services should you look for and what do those services entail? Read on to find out.


Vehicle Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Getting auto body repairs isn’t necessarily convenient — after all, if you own and drive a vehicle, there’s a good chance you need to use it daily. High-end auto body repair shops understand this. That’s why the best shops offer to pick up your vehicle for repairs and drop it off at your chosen location once the repairs are complete.


Depending on your situation, pick-up and drop-off may entail:


●        A ride to your workplace or home after bringing your car or truck to the shop

●        Towing a non-operational vehicle to and from the shop

●        Towing your vehicle to the shop from the scene of an accident and giving you a ride to your home or workplace

●        A ride to the shop, so you can pick up your vehicle when the repairs are finished


Basically, pick-up and drop-off service is designed to make transportation to and from the service center as convenient as possible for you while you don’t have your vehicle. 


Comprehensive Detailing

When you get your vehicle back after the necessary auto body repairs are done, do you want it to look brand new, both outside and inside? That’s what comprehensive detailing is for.


Many shops don’t offer this service, but the ones that do are known for delivering higher-quality repairs. After all, if a shop can make the exterior of your vehicle look as good as the day you bought it, shouldn’t they offer to do the same for the interior too?


Rental Car Service

If you own a vehicle, it’s because you need to, and when that vehicle is down, you need an alternative form of private transportation. That’s where rental car services can be a huge perk. If you really can’t live without a private vehicle, even if it’s just for a day, choose an auto body repair shop that provides you with a rental car while they work on your vehicle.


24/7 Towing Services

Accidents can happen at any time, not just during normal business hours. And if you’re ever involved in a collision late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, finding an auto body repair shop to tow your vehicle to can be a challenge.


But some high-end collision repair shops (like Minnetonka Collision Center) offer 24-hour towing from the scene of an accident straight to the garage. Opting for a shop that offers this service can save you a huge headache. You’ll avoid having to coordinate towing your vehicle to different locations in the midst of the collision-related chaos, so you can focus on handling other important concerns.


Minnetonka Collision Center: Your Twin Cities Source for High-End Auto Body Repair

Searching for premium-quality auto body repairs for your high-end vehicle? Look no further than Minnetonka Collision Center in Plymouth. We specialize in comprehensive auto body repair services, including hail damage repair, paintless dent repair, dent fixes, touchup paint, and more. We offer a number of concierge services to make your repair process as convenient and satisfying as possible and if you need help with your insurance claim, we can handle that too.


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