When you notice a fairly minor dent in the body of your vehicle, you might be tempted to see if you can pull the dent out on your own. But should you really? While there are a number of DIY dent fix tools floating around in auto parts shops and on the internet, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a viable solution for dent removal.


These tools and repair kits claim to make your dent fix oh-so-simple and effortless, but what they conveniently fail to mention are the risks and downsides of DIY dent removal. If you’re considering using an at-home dent repair kit, you deserve to know the truth about what you’re getting yourself into.


Below, the auto body repair experts at Minnetonka Collision share what you need to know about using DIY dent fix tools and kits.


Many Dent Fix Kits Simply Don’t Work as Advertised

DIY dent removal kits — especially the commercially available variety — are not high quality. They often come equipped with a bunch of almost useless tools to justify their cost and at the end of the day, the vast majority of them don’t work.


If you want to try your hand at a DIY dent fix, that’s totally your call. But why not take the tried-and-true professional auto body repair route? At least that way, you won’t risk wasting money on a kit that could end up being a pricey piece of garbage.


Your Vehicle’s Paint Job May Be at Risk for Damage

Many DIY dent fix tools on the market use suction cups that may put your vehicle’s paint at risk. Worse, some of these kits and tools rely on a special type of glue that you must apply to the suction cup before you stick it to the panel of the vehicle. When you attempt to pull the dent out, you could end up pulling some of the paint off too.


If you attempt an at-home fix and end up with a dent plus paint damage, what then? A repair that would have been relatively inexpensive and quick will require more time, labor, and of course, a higher price tag.


Rather than taking the DIY route, why not opt for professional paintless dent repair? A pro can fix a qualifying dent in a matter of minutes and restore your vehicle to flawless condition.


DIY Repairs Can Reduce the Value of Your Vehicle

Professional auto body repair restores your vehicle to its pre-damage condition, and therefore, maintains the value of the vehicle. DIY dent fix tools, on the other hand, rarely achieve a flawless finish.


Although a tool might be able to pull the dent out, the vehicle body might look wavy afterward or have other minor flaws since you’re not a trained paintless dent repair specialist. These issues are easily detectable and ultimately, they lower the value of your ride.


You’re Overlooking Possible Structural Damage

Depending on the size of the dent you’re considering pulling out, you may be overlooking internal, structural damage that you simply can’t see. While you might be able to pull that dent out with a DIY tool, that tool does nothing to correct or even identify the deeper damage that many collisions cause. What kind of damage? Issues like:


●        Frame damage and alignment problems

●        Wiring damage

●        Transmission damage

●        Drivetrain damage

●        Suspension damage


If your vehicle looks fine on the outside but has underlying problems you can’t see, what good did that repair really do? More importantly, how safe are you while you’re driving?


That’s why it’s so important to bring your vehicle to an auto body repair shop when you notice a dent. A pro can identify internal issues you may not be able to recognize and when you’re safety is at stake, you really can’t afford to DIY it.


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If you’re dealing with a minor dent in the body of your vehicle, don’t risk furthering the damage with a DIY repair kit! Bring your vehicle to our team at Minnetonka Collision so we can restore it to like-new condition. We’re an insurance-preferred shop and are more than happy to help you with your claim from start to finish.


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