Ice and snow have the potential to cause thousands of dollars of damage to your vehicle. If your car is suffering from extensive damage, bring it to Minnetonka Collision for an estimate and repairs. The sooner we repair the damage, the less the repair will cost.


Below, we look at the different types of auto repairs that vehicle owners bring their cars in for during the winter. If any of these disasters happen to your car, our technicians are ready to restore your vehicle’s body and paint job.

Ice Scraping

Although the paint job on your vehicle is durable, it is not indestructible. In fact, one of the most common types of paint damage on a car occurs when the owner tries to scrape the ice from the body surface.


Scraping the ice can cause extensive damage on and below the paint surface. When you force the ice from the surface, you inevitably scratch the metal, pull the paint off a large area, and create an opportunity for rust to set into the metal.

Falling Icicles

If you park your car under a tree or close to the eave of your house, then it could sustain some damage from falling ice. While it will not keep your car from operating, it could seriously hurt the body of your vehicle and cause multiple dents and scratches, as well as shattered glass.

The good news is that your insurance company may cover the damage from falling icicles. Check your policy to find out what type of coverage you have. If icicles have damaged your front or rear hood or the roof, our technicians can assess the damage and make recommendations on what type of repair is best for your vehicle.

Hail Damage Repair

It is possible for hail to occur during the beginning or end of the winter season when the temperatures are fluctuating. Hail damage can happen quickly and cause widespread dents to the body surface as well as shatter your windshield and other glass.


We can work with your insurance company to help you file damage claims due to hail. We can also restore your vehicle back to looking like new after the hailstorm.


Ice can cover a roadway and cause you to lose control behind the wheel. We see dozens of clients each year during the winter months that need auto body repair done to the car as a result of a collision.


Fortunately, we can fix all types of damage no matter how serious it is. Whether you are driving a commercial vehicle or a personal sports car or sedan, we can return your vehicle back to its new condition in no time.

Minnetonka Can Repair Ice Damage to Your Car

If the weather or road condition has led to surface damage on your vehicle, then contact Minnetonka Collision. We offer complete auto body repair and detailing for all types of foreign and domestic vehicles. Our certified technicians serve car owners in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding area.


To find out more about the auto body services we offer or to schedule service, call us at 763-230-7805.