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6 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Auto Body Repair Shop

Need to find a high-quality auto body repair shop for a few scratch or dent fixes? Click to learn which questions you must ask before taking your vehicle in for repairs. 

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Auto Body Repairs: Common Types of Damage & How They’re Fixed

When you own a vehicle, there’s always potential for body damage, but luckily, most types of exterior damage can be repaired by skilled technicians. Take a look below to learn about the most common types of exterior vehicle damage and how auto body repair shops handle restoration in each situation.

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4 Reasons Even Minor Auto Body Repairs Can Be Expensive

Have you ever been involved in a collision? Were you taken aback by the prices detailed on the auto body repair estimates you got? You’re not alone. Many people are surprised to learn just how much even small auto body repairs can cost, but there are several very good reasons those repairs can be pricey.

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Using Insurance to Pay for Auto Body Repairs: Consumer Rights You Need to Know

If you’re ever involved in a collision and find yourself needing major or minor auto body repairs, it’s important to understand your rights when using your insurance policy to pay for service. Knowing those rights will help ensure you get the coverage you deserve (and pay for), your vehicle gets repaired promptly, and most importantly, the repairs are performed to the highest quality standard. Read on to learn what you need to know about consumer collision repair rights.

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5 Auto Body Repair Myths Debunked

No vehicle owner wants to ponder what might happen if they’re involved in a collision. But if you drive regularly, it’s in your best interest to be prepared for the possibility of needing auto body repairs. Unfortunately, rumors and myths surrounding the collision repair and insurance payout process that can make getting a vehicle repaired seem much more confusing than it really is.

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What Does Concierge Service at an Auto Body Repair Shop Entail?

When you need to choose an auto body repair shop to handle collision repairs, dent removal, or touchup paint, there are several things you must consider to make a good decision. While price, reputation, location, and your insurance company’s recommendation all play into your decision, specialty service offerings — also known as concierge services — should also be a consideration.

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Hit an Object in the Road? How to Handle Your Insurance & Auto Body Repairs

Colliding with an object in the road can happen to even the most vigilant driver. If it recently happened to you and the resulting vehicle damage is significant, you’re probably wondering how your insurance coverage works in this type of situation. While most insurance policies cover auto body repair caused by accidents involving road debris, the extent of your coverage really depends on your situation.

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Tips for Avoiding Auto Body Damage Caused by Road Debris

Whether you plan on taking a road trip this summer or you’re sticking around the Twin Cities metro, you’ll encounter your share of road debris during the warmest months of the year. Not only are there more passenger vehicles on the roads, but it’s also road construction season, so tire blowouts, gravel, and garbage inevitably end up on our highways.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Handling Hail Damage to Your Vehicle

Summer is hail season in the Twin Cities, and that means hundreds of vehicle owners throughout the metro area will likely end up needing hail damage repairs at some point. Unfortunately, a few common mistakes surrounding those repairs cost drivers hundreds of thousands of dollars collectively each year — but that doesn’t have to be your story.

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Getting Auto Body Repair Estimates? Tips for Selecting the Right Shop

If you’re getting ready to price out auto body repairs, it’s in your best interest to get several estimates from different auto repair shops. It’s also important to understand that the quotes you receive can (and probably will) vary wildly from shop to shop. And while it might seem logical to go with the budget option to save some cash or the pricier option if you want better quality workmanship, price isn’t always a strong indicator of a shop’s service.

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