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Own Fleet Vehicles? Why Fleet Management Services Are Critical for Your Business

Does your company rely on fleet vehicles? Then you understand the importance of a fully functional fleet — so does our team at Minnetonka Collision. As one of the driving forces behind your business, your fleet serves several critical purposes, including revenue generation and brand communication. But, if those vehicles aren’t maintained according to the highest standards, your business can suffer.

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Auto Body Repair & Replacement Parts: What Are Your Options?

Not all auto body repair jobs require replacement parts, but for those that do, it’s your job as a vehicle owner to understand which type of parts you’d like installed on your vehicle. At Minnetonka Collision, it’s our goal to restore your vehicle to its pre-collision condition, regardless of the type of parts you choose. That said, a variety of other factors play into the type of parts you may want to select, including longevity, durability, warranty, and of course, overall cost.

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Color Matching Automobile Paint: How the Process Works

Does your car need touchup paint? Perhaps you were in a collision, maybe the paint is starting to peel, or maybe the body of your vehicle has developed a bit of rust? Regardless of the reason why your vehicle requires a paint touchup, it’s important that the new paint matches the old; otherwise, the area will be glaringly obvious.

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Auto Body Repair for Specialty Vehicles: Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

If your high-end automobile or specialty vehicle has recently been involved in an accident, finding a qualified shop to perform your auto body repairs can be challenging. At Minnetonka Collision, we understand your vehicle is unique, and repairing it requires a special skill set. That’s why we’re here to help. If you’ve got questions about high-end auto body repair, we’ve got answers.

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Paintless Dent Repair: Will It Work for Your Vehicle?

Are there dents or dings in your vehicle? Have you wanted to get them fixed but feel like auto body repairs are cost prohibitive or too time consuming? Good news: Paintless dent repair (PDR) may be an option for you, and the process is quick, convenient, and best of all, affordable.

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Got Paint Scratches? 3 Reasons Prompt Repair Is Important

If your vehicle’s paint job has a noticeable scratch, you might be tempted to look the other way—it’s invisible at night, right? But letting that scratch sit unrepaired could result in more damage to your vehicle than you might imagine. Paint scratches aren’t just aesthetic flaws; they can actually encourage ongoing paint and panel deterioration over time. To help you better protect your vehicle, the auto body repair experts at Minnetonka Collision explain why prompt scratch repair is important.

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Top 4 Common Causes Of Auto Body Damage

Whether your vehicle is on the road, situated in a parking lot, or parked in front of your own house, there are potential dangers lurking everywhere that can damage it. And one of the best ways to protect your vehicle against auto body damage is to be aware of what those potential hazards are. Below, the team at Minnetonka Collision has outlined four of the most common causes of body damage, so you can take steps to safeguard your vehicle.

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24/7 Towing: 5 Things You Need to Know

If you’re stranded on the side of the road in the middle of the night, 24/7 towing can definitely be a lifesaver. However, there five critical things you need to know about the service before you call a towing provider. What are they? The experts at Minnetonka Collision have the details below.

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Summer Sun Damage: How to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

Summer is finally here in the Twin Cities! But did you know relentless sun and high temperatures can damage your vehicle’s paint job if you’re not careful? Though auto body paint won’t last forever — even under mild weather conditions — with proper care and maintenance, it can certainly last a long time. At Minnetonka Collision, we’re here to help you maintain your vehicle’s aesthetic, no matter what the weather looks like outside. To help you get the most life out of your vehicle’s paint job, we’ve outlined a few summer auto body maintenance tips below.

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Auto Repair Shop Concierge Service: What To Expect

On its own, dealing with auto body damage is stressful — you have to price out auto body repair services, get a bunch of estimates, deal with your insurance company, perhaps acquire a rental vehicle — the list goes on. That’s why, at Minnetonka Collision, we’re here to make the process easier on you with our variety of concierge services. So what exactly do those services entail? We’ve outlined how we take customer service to the highest level below.

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