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After a Collision: Should You Pursue Auto Body Repairs or Replace the Vehicle?

When you’re involved in a collision, it’s not always clear whether you should repair your vehicle or replace it. Click to learn how to determine whether pursuing auto body repairs is in your best interest.

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Winter Rust Prevention: 4 Ways to Protect Your Vehicle

Winter can certainly put your auto maintenance habits to the test. Without adequate preventive care, a single snowy season can shorten your vehicle’s lifespan and deteriorate its appearance. In the Twin Cities, where most roadways are covered in salt, one of the most prevalent winter vehicle concerns is rust development. Corrosion will not only mar the body of your automobile, but it can also damage its internal components.

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Fender Benders: How Minor Auto Body Damage Can Cause Major Problems

If you’re like most drivers, you might not consider a fender bender cause for serious concern. But that assumption could cause major problems for your vehicle. Even a low-speed auto accident can result in internal damage to your car or truck, which may not be readily detectable.

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Scratch and Dent Repair: Is It Really Necessary for Minor Auto Body Damage?

It happens to every vehicle owner at some point: You walk outside, look over your vehicle, and notice a dent, scratch, or rust formation that appeared out of nowhere. You assess the extent of the damage, determine it’s only minor, and then question if it’s even worth pursuing auto body repairs. After all, if it’s just a minor scratch or ding — how much can that really hurt the value of your vehicle?

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3 Types of Ice-Related Auto Body Damage You Need to Address Promptly

Winter is just around the corner in the Twin Cities, and you know what that means: months of ice, snow, and poor road conditions that put your vehicle at risk. But even when you’re not on the road, your automobile may be subject to ice-related damage that can cause growing problems if it’s not addressed.

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Own Fleet Vehicles? Why Fleet Management Services Are Critical for Your Business

Does your company rely on fleet vehicles? Then you understand the importance of a fully functional fleet — so does our team at Minnetonka Collision. As one of the driving forces behind your business, your fleet serves several critical purposes, including revenue generation and brand communication. But, if those vehicles aren’t maintained according to the highest standards, your business can suffer.

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Auto Body Repair & Replacement Parts: What Are Your Options?

Not all auto body repair jobs require replacement parts, but for those that do, it’s your job as a vehicle owner to understand which type of parts you’d like installed on your vehicle. At Minnetonka Collision, it’s our goal to restore your vehicle to its pre-collision condition, regardless of the type of parts you choose. That said, a variety of other factors play into the type of parts you may want to select, including longevity, durability, warranty, and of course, overall cost.

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Color Matching Automobile Paint: How the Process Works

Does your car need touchup paint? Perhaps you were in a collision, maybe the paint is starting to peel, or maybe the body of your vehicle has developed a bit of rust? Regardless of the reason why your vehicle requires a paint touchup, it’s important that the new paint matches the old; otherwise, the area will be glaringly obvious.

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Auto Body Repair for Specialty Vehicles: Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

If your high-end automobile or specialty vehicle has recently been involved in an accident, finding a qualified shop to perform your auto body repairs can be challenging. At Minnetonka Collision, we understand your vehicle is unique, and repairing it requires a special skill set. That’s why we’re here to help. If you’ve got questions about high-end auto body repair, we’ve got answers.

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Paintless Dent Repair: Will It Work for Your Vehicle?

Are there dents or dings in your vehicle? Have you wanted to get them fixed but feel like auto body repairs are cost prohibitive or too time consuming? Good news: Paintless dent repair (PDR) may be an option for you, and the process is quick, convenient, and best of all, affordable.

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