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4 Essential Steps for Handling Hail Damage

Has your vehicle suffered hail damage? Learn how to navigate the auto body repair process successfully from the experts at Minnetonka Collision.

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3 Poor Driving Habits That Can Damage the Body of Your Vehicle

Do your driving habits put your vehicle at risk? Learn which common driving behaviors can damage the body of your vehicle from the experts at Minnetonka Collision.

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Fender Bender? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve ever known someone who’s been in a minor auto accident, chances are you’ve heard the term fender bender thrown around. But what exactly is a fender bender? In essence, it’s exactly what it sounds like: minor damage to a vehicle’s fender. In most cases, this level of damage won’t affect the vehicle’s ability to operate, but it should still be repaired, regardless of the severity. If you’re ever involved in a fender bender, our Minnetonka Collision team explains what you need to do below.

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3 Ways Your Parking Habits Endanger Your Vehicle

Do you practice defensive driving? What about defensive parking? Just as you avoid potentially hazardous situations on the road, you should also avoid them when parking. If you’re not in the habit of parking proactively to avoid auto body damage, there’s no better time to change your ways than now. Our auto body repair specialists as Minnetonka Collision explain how your current parking habits may be putting your vehicle in danger.

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Minnetonka Collision is open and fully staffed. We are operating normally and continue to schedule vehicle repair appointments and insurance estimates as they are needed.

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Specialty Vehicle Repair: Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions

If you own a rare or high-end vehicle, finding a reputable, trustworthy shop that specializes in luxury vehicle repairs can be a challenge. After all, the vast majority of vehicles on the road these days are fairly standard, and that’s what most shops cater to. But at Minnetonka Collision, we’re different.

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DIY Scratch Repair: 4 Reasons It Isn’t Worth the Risk

No matter how cautious a driver you are, chances are your vehicle will suffer a scratch or two. And even if the damage isn’t your fault, it’s important to pursue repairs if you hope to maintain the integrity of your vehicle’s paint. When it comes to minor paint repairs, there’s one question everyone wants to know: Can’t I just do it myself? Well, you certainly can – but that doesn’t mean you should.

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What to Look For In a Trustworthy Auto Body Repair Shop

To say auto body repair shops get a bad rap is an understatement. Unfortunately, far too many shops are more than willing to cheat you out of your hard-earned cash—if you don’t know what to watch for, that is. At Minnetonka Collision, we pride ourselves on our commitment to honest, transparent, high-quality auto body repair, and superior customer service. But not every shop takes pride in their work the way we do. If you’re on the hunt for a shop you can trust to handle your high-end vehicle, here are three non-negotiable traits to look for:

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3 Tips to Protect Your Vehicle From Everyday Damage

Your vehicle is an investment, and the best way to protect that investment is to be proactive about protecting it against potential damage. At Minnetonka Collision, we know the vast majority of scratches, dings, dents, and deterioration are easily preventable when you know what to watch for. If you’re ready to take great care of your vehicle, heed the following tips:

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Think You’ve Got a Totaled Vehicle? How Insurance Companies Make the Call

Were you recently in a collision? Are you worried about how your auto insurance company might evaluate the damages? If you’ve just incurred minor damage, such as dents or scratches, your insurance will typically fund those repairs. In more severe collisions, however, your insurance provider may declare your vehicle is completely totaled—even if it doesn’t appear to be.

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