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Got Paint Scratches? 3 Reasons Prompt Repair Is Important

Scratches in your vehicle’s paint job aren’t just aesthetic flaws; they contribute to ongoing deterioration over time. Click to learn why prompt scratch repair is important from the auto body experts at Minnetonka Collision.

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Top 4 Common Causes Of Auto Body Damage

Whether your vehicle is on the road, situated in a parking lot, or parked in front of your own house, there are potential dangers lurking everywhere that can damage it. And one of the best ways to protect your vehicle against auto body damage is to be aware of what those potential hazards are. Below, the team at Minnetonka Collision has outlined four of the most common causes of body damage, so you can take steps to safeguard your vehicle.

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24/7 Towing: 5 Things You Need to Know

If you’re stranded on the side of the road in the middle of the night, 24/7 towing can definitely be a lifesaver. However, there five critical things you need to know about the service before you call a towing provider. What are they? The experts at Minnetonka Collision have the details below.

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Summer Sun Damage: How to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

Summer is finally here in the Twin Cities! But did you know relentless sun and high temperatures can damage your vehicle’s paint job if you’re not careful? Though auto body paint won’t last forever — even under mild weather conditions — with proper care and maintenance, it can certainly last a long time. At Minnetonka Collision, we’re here to help you maintain your vehicle’s aesthetic, no matter what the weather looks like outside. To help you get the most life out of your vehicle’s paint job, we’ve outlined a few summer auto body maintenance tips below.

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Auto Repair Shop Concierge Service: What To Expect

On its own, dealing with auto body damage is stressful — you have to price out auto body repair services, get a bunch of estimates, deal with your insurance company, perhaps acquire a rental vehicle — the list goes on. That’s why, at Minnetonka Collision, we’re here to make the process easier on you with our variety of concierge services. So what exactly do those services entail? We’ve outlined how we take customer service to the highest level below.

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4 Essential Steps for Handling Hail Damage

In the Twin Cities, we see our fair share of hail throughout the warmer months. Depending on where you park your vehicle, moderate to severe hailstorms can do quite a bit of auto body damage in a matter of minutes. At Minnetonka Collision, we know handling auto body repairs can be a confusing process, especially when insurance claims are involved. Below, we’re breaking down the steps you’ll need to take if your vehicle suffers hail damage, and how we can help expedite the process.

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3 Poor Driving Habits That Can Damage the Body of Your Vehicle

Are you inadvertently putting your vehicle at risk for auto body damage? While many drivers are aware of the hazardous habits they need to fix, others have little idea of the behaviors that put their vehicles at risk. At Minnetonka Collision, we perform a considerable number of auto body repairs that could have been avoided by practicing safer driving techniques. To help you better preserve your vehicle, we’ve outlined a few of the most common hazardous driving habits below.

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Fender Bender? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve ever known someone who’s been in a minor auto accident, chances are you’ve heard the term fender bender thrown around. But what exactly is a fender bender? In essence, it’s exactly what it sounds like: minor damage to a vehicle’s fender. In most cases, this level of damage won’t affect the vehicle’s ability to operate, but it should still be repaired, regardless of the severity. If you’re ever involved in a fender bender, our Minnetonka Collision team explains what you need to do below.

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3 Ways Your Parking Habits Endanger Your Vehicle

Do you practice defensive driving? What about defensive parking? Just as you avoid potentially hazardous situations on the road, you should also avoid them when parking. If you’re not in the habit of parking proactively to avoid auto body damage, there’s no better time to change your ways than now. Our auto body repair specialists as Minnetonka Collision explain how your current parking habits may be putting your vehicle in danger.

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Minnetonka Collision is open and fully staffed. We are operating normally and continue to schedule vehicle repair appointments and insurance estimates as they are needed.

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