If you were recently in an auto collision, you may have spoken with your insurance company auto repairs. Although many dents and scratches can be fixed, the insurance company may declare that a car has is totaled. The insurance company has determined that the car will not be repaired nor will pay for any repairs if a driver attempts to repair the car.


Below we explain in detail what totaled means and how insurance companies arrive at the decision to total a car. If you have any further questions or need car repairs, you can contact Minnetonka Collision.

What Does Totaled Mean?

The term totaled means that the car is a total loss. When the cost of repairing the damages exceeds the value of the car, the insurance company will deem the vehicle irreparable. They have marked the car as a total loss. Once this decision is made, the insurance provider will send a check to the owner for the value of the car.

How Do Insurance Companies Arrive at This Decision?

Although it would seem that the cost of damages is the sole factor in determining whether or not a car is totaled, there are other considerations. The number one consideration is the safety of the driver, the passengers in the car, and the safety of all other drivers on the road.


For this reason, insurance companies weigh all the factors including damage costs, the safety of the vehicle, and any foreseeable damages that are not easily recognizable but could cause problems down the road.


When a car comes into our shop, it is our responsibility to assess the entire damage of the vehicle and report to the insurance company how much it will cost to restore the car’s interior and exterior both inside and out. The insurance company then assesses the car's value and makes a decision on whether to proceed with repairs to total the automobile.

Appraising Your Vehicle

Insurance companies do not instantly write a check to the car owner once they’ve claimed that a car is totaled. Instead, an appraiser assesses the value of the car before the accident. The assessor is calculating the actual cash value. The amount of the check the insurance company sends to you is determined after any deductions are taken out. Deductions may include car rental, towing, storage, and any salvage yard fees. Once the vehicle arrives at the salvage yard, you can hand over the title and walk away. You are no longer required to claim ownership.

The Insurance Company and Auto Body Shop

When you bring your car in for auto body repairs, a Minnetonka Collision technician will go over the details of the accident. We will then perform a complete inspection on the vehicle and give you our recommendations.


We will also communicate directly with the insurance company on your behalf to determine what the next step will be. Once the insurance company approves the repair, we will restore your vehicle.


To find out more about the insurance or restoration process, contact Minnetonka Collision today. We offer complete auto body repairs and detailing for auto owners in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.


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